Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Faith Deployed...Again

The humility required in allowing others to serve us can be difficult, but so important in our journey of faith. When we allow the body of Christ to support us, we bless others by letting them use the gifts and strengths God has given them to share in His work.-Excerpt from “Held Up” by Bettina Dowell in Faith Deployed…Again

I love being a military wife. I am only just recently coming to this realization. Becoming acclimated to this life has been a real challenge for me. During my last “I’m having a military wife meltdown,” I had a friend tell me to quit struggling against this life and just learn to flow with it. That one little sentence from her and that encouragement from a fellow Christian military wife helped me so much. That is what the reader will find in Faith Deployed… Again.

To read more of my book review of Faith Deployed...Again, please join me over at Wives of Faith.

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